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Eternity Hearts and Arrows

The name “Eternity Hearts and Arrows” originates from the optical phenomenon observed when a diamond is meticulously cut to attain the utmost level of perfection. These diamonds, known as Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamonds, represent the pinnacle of diamond cutting technology. They are meticulously crafted from the finest rough diamonds by Master Diamond Cutters, adhering to the most impeccable standards.

The outcome is a diamond of remarkable brilliance and intensity, reflecting nearly 100% of the available light back towards the observer. This optical effect, from which the name is derived, becomes evident when such an ideally cut diamond is examined through a symmetry viewer, revealing eight flawless hearts and eight flawless arrows.

Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamonds have three distinguishing features:

  • Excellence in Polish
  • Excellence in Symmetry
  • Excellence in Proportion

Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds

Our diamonds undergo precise mathematical cutting to showcase their utmost brilliance. The resulting play of light and scintillation distinguishes the Eternity Diamond from any ordinary diamond. While many individuals emphasize the importance of a diamond’s colour and clarity, it’s essential to recognise that the cut’s quality is the differentiating factor between a lacklustre, lifeless diamond and one that exudes exceptional fire and brilliance.

The closer the cut is to perfection, the more sparkle you, and everyone else, will witness. Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds are meticulously crafted to exact mathematical proportions, ensuring they display unparalleled brilliance. The resulting interplay of light and scintillation sets the Eternity Finely Cut Diamond apart from other diamonds.

Eternity Finely Cut Diamonds have three distinguishing features:

  • Timeless Perfection
  • Unsurpassed Quality
  • Remarkable Fine and Brilliance


Bolton Gems is a proudly family-owned business with an unwavering commitment to delivering high quality, guaranteed products. This commitment holds particularly true for our esteemed brand, Eternity Diamonds, which has been established for over 20 years. Each Eternity Diamond undergoes independent certification, ensuring it meets rigorous quality standards. These diamonds are responsibly sourced and represent exquisite treasures that can be proudly handed down through generations. When it comes to purchasing a diamond, the assurance that you’re receiving precisely what you’ve requested and paid for is paramount, and Eternity Diamonds makes this its guiding principle - to provide a guaranteed description.

Diamond prices can vary significantly, by as much as 10%, depending on the colour or clarity grade, before accounting for other influencing factors. Therefore, it is imperative that you verify that you’re receiving the exact diamond you’ve requested and paid for. 

Most diamonds are individually cut to computer specifications that can differ from one laboratory to another. Diamond laboratories don’t adhere to uniform industry standards; each sets its own guidelines for grading diamonds. When a diamond price appears exceptionally low, it’s often too good to be true. 

A high-quality Eternity Hearts and Arrows diamond precisely matches its description. Achieving this level of symmetry demands exceptional expertise and precision, often necessitating a commitment from the diamond cutter to accept the potential loss of finished diamond weight or rough diamond material to adhere to these exacting standards. While many diamond cutters prioritise maximising yield, Hearts and Arrows cutters prioritise quality. This is why choosing a branded Eternity Diamond is your assurance of quality.

Brand reputation is of paramount importance, and a reputable brand safeguards its good name at all times. Holding a certification laboratory or online seller accountable for a mis-graded diamond can be challenging. In contrast, in our era of social media, it is relatively straightforward to hold a reputable brand accountable for the accuracy of their product descriptions.

Unlike a GIA graded diamond, which indicates it is the “opinion” of the laboratory, we guarantee that our Eternity Diamonds and Eternity Hearts and Arrows Diamonds consistently match their descriptions without exception.

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